The re-birth of motor cycling in Estonia took place in 1994. During that time the movement was chaotic and unorganized - it was customary for the bikers to drive from one bar to another. However, gradually more and more bikers emerged. During the visit of ZZ-Top in 1996 the band got a decent escort from our bikers from the airport to their hotel and later to the concert. By 1997 there were about 40 - 50 bikers in Tallinn, all unorganized. It was time to start organizing the movement and to found a motor cycle club. As people are different, the aspirations in creating an image for the club were also very different - some wanted to convey an image of being daunting and dark, others saw themselves as positive and carefree bon vivants. In 1998 the motor cycle club Eagle Riders Estonia MC was founded, whose members' views on life were positive and whose main aim was to enjoy riding their bikes. Together with the club an after-sales service and a workshop was opened, which is in business to this day. The club-members all being cheerful guys had an idea of doing something charitable. So, for the first time in Estonia "Toy Day" was organized at the youth home in Vääna. Alot was going on at the event: children received books and toys and got a chance to ride on motor cycles and American cars. Also, there was a barbeque, many games, fireworks, and a concert given by Los Desperados. A similar event took place at the orphanage in Nõmme. Both events were also covered by the media. At that time the club had over twenty members. There were many joint trips to different outings. In 2002 a separate division of the Eagle Riders Estonia MC was formed in Viljandi. Throughout the years the mascot of the Eagle Riders has been a little dachshund named V.I.P., who enjoys motor cycle rides very much and has seen more miles one can imagine. The club has also seen quieter times. Some members changed jobs or moved elsewhere, some lost interest in the club's doings, some unjoined the club altogether. However, livelier times returned at the end of 2006 and at the beginning of 2007, when several people wished to join the club, and, after a trial period, in the summer of 2008, full membership was granted.

Happy miles,

Edek Jäätes

President of Eagle Riders Estonia MC